Courtier Range

Being able to get around the bathroom is one of the keys to an independent lifestyle.
Showers are much easier to use than baths. A level access shower is flush with the floor with a non slip vinyl floor covering that will help prevent slips.
There are trays that have been designed to fill the space previously occupied by a bath.
Wet floor shower areas are increasingly popular as an alternative to fitting a shower tray, providing completely open and level access. They are ideal for wheelchair users, and a good choice where it is not practical to install a tray.

Specially designed doors and screens, which can be fitted directly to a wet floor, make an enclosure to suit the space and the user’s needs.
The level access tray shown on the left incorporates a special grip strip along the edge, to seal the tray to the floor in a completely watertight way.
It provides a shower facility that can be accessed on foot or in a wheeled chair.
Doors, curtains or a cubicle will complete your shower facility. Curtains are cheaper than doors, but do not retain the water so well. You might like to consider half-height or barn style doors, which allow someone to help with washing, if that is necessary.

Air-assisted doors like these on the below are particularly useful for larger, bath replacement trays, they can be moved easily from open to closed position, even by someone with a weakened grip.

The courtier range offers all the same advantages as the standard range but with much more stylish fittings.