Closo-mat WC

ClosoIntegrated Fold-down Support Arms

Robust and secure support arms designed and manufactured specifically for the Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita. This convenient support system not only folds out of the way to aid side transfer from a wheelchair, it also has a number of additions that can further aid the users stability. A lap strap is also available.

ClosoExtended Douche Arm

Twin spray (female use only) or single extended douche.
The arm requires additional retraction space behind the unit.
N.B. Drying is not as effective.

ClosoPurpose Made Raising Plinth

This shaped plinth raises the whole unit to a fixed height. For use with a shower chair (recommended max height 50mm), or to ease direct wheelchair transfer.
Available heights: 25, 50, 75 and 100mm. Manufactured in white plastic.

ClosoInfrared Remote Control

This simplistic ‘push and go’ style infrared control provides a versatile option lending itself particularly well when used by carers

ClosoTouch Sensitive Switch (Hand or foot switch options)

These are for those users who are unable to use standard elbow pads. ‘Air operated’, no electricity is required to operate them. The appropriate switch can be floor or wall mounted or hand held. Switches are all ‘touch sensitive’ requiring very light pressure.

ClosoProxy Switch

Making use of “passive technology” the Clos-o-Mat Proxy Switch allows users with little or no grip to activate the unit, simply by passing their hand / body-part in front of the sensor.

Palma Vita How It Works
Press either elbow pad whilst standing for conventional flush.
Press elbow pad whilst seated and hold down for approximately 10-15 seconds, flushing and warm water washing will then take place.
Warm air-drying automatically follows when elbow pad is released

ClosoShower Toilets

There have been over 30,000 Clos-o-Mat shower toilets installed throughout the UK in private homes, care homes, hospitals, hotels, schools, shopping centres and other public buildings.
Whatever the location, the result is the same; we deliver privacy, independence and freedom at the most personal level.
To help decide on the right product for the right situation, Property Adaptations & Renovations (S.W.) can arrange an on site demonstrations as well as provide professional advice.
Please note that the Palma Vita Clos-o-Mat Shower Toilet (as shown here) has superseded our tried and tested Samoa Clos-o-Mat.
Property Adaptations & Renovations (S.W.) are an approved supplier and installer of the Clos-o-mat shower toilet and can offer the full range of products to be supplied or supplied and fitted. The Clos-o-mat shower toilet allows the less able person the dignity of maintaining his or her own personal hygiene.