Stair Lifts

All of our straight & curved stairlifts (new & reconditioned) are fitted with a soft start motor, which is operated by a smooth-action joystick.  You have complete control of the stairlift at all times.

Our rails are fitted to the stair tread and fits from the ground floor to the top step and is designed to fit as close to the wall as possible. At the top, the rail can run over the top so you can dismount easily.

Alternatively, in a situation where room is more limited, the stairlift seat can be swivelled as far as 90 degrees allowing the user to safely step onto the top landing.

It’s also worth noting that all our stairlifts are fitted with obstruction sensors that automatically stop the lift, should they come into contact with an object, e.g. a child’s toy.  All lifts are lockable with a key.

These lifts are ideal for home use: from a narrow, curved staircase in a small cottage to a home with multiple stopping-off points.  We’ve even installed stairlifts into garden patios and yachts!

Stairlift Info
Our Stairlifts can be installed on either side of the stairs.
Each come with a smooth action joy-stick (ideal for people with arthritis)
Can travel at any angle between 27 – 52 degrees.
We have stairlifts with a 25 stone (160kgs) weight limit.
Batterypowered (, which charge by mains power when at rest).
Complementary remote controls, fitted at the top and bottom of the stairs.
We can provide a powered swivel that rotates the chair a full 90 degrees
We can provide a powered hinge (to minimise obstruction at the bottom of the stairs)
Perch seat for those with limited use of knees or hips
Waterproof stairlifts can also be fitted externally.
2 Year guarantee and access to local engineer (in the evenings and even at weekends).
All of our stairlifts come with lapbelts

Stair Stair