Hoist and Lifts

Hoist and Lifts

Liko Overhead Lifts Always Close at Hand

With an overhead lift system, you can lift and transfer patients with minimal effort and maximum safety, regardless of how the room is furnished. An overhead lift is always at hand. It is easy to use and it is safe – for the patient as well as for the caregiver.

An overhead lift is much more than just the lift motor. Even if it does a great deal of the job, it is not alone in the task. When we speak of an overhead lift, we speak of an entire system of components which together make it possible to lift a patient – a smooth system which is always close at hand and easy to use.
Installing an overhead lift is usually simple. To achieve a good solution, however, a certain consideration is required. You have to know which problems are to be solved, and how you want it to lift. To facilitate the installation, it is also important to know the structural conditions. In order to get an optimal system, you should reflect over the following:

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • Are you going to transfer to one or several places?
  • How much space is needed to lift?
  • How is the room going to be furnished?
  • How is the assembly to be done?

We at Hill-Rom would be happy to assist you with the analysis, so that you can be sure of getting an optimal system for your specific needs.
Hill-Rom has solutions for all types of environments and lifting needs, a complete system which gives the patient and staff full freedom

Freestand Economical, sturdy and easy to install

Hoist and Lifts

FreeStand is a freestanding lift system that is sturdy, easy to install and offers excellent value. FreeStand is ideal for most settings. Since the system is entirely freestanding, there are no special requirements for structural strength in walls or ceiling.

There may be several reasons for choosing a freestanding lift system. Sometimes, there may be uncertainty as to how an overhead lift will work out, or you may not want to install fixtures in the walls or ceiling. Sometimes, the need for lifting may be only temporary, or perhaps permanent installation of an overhead system is not possible.

FreeStand’s upright supports have a white surface coating, and in combination with white rails, the system blends in well with the decor of the care setting or the patient’s residence. The uprights have a wide, stable base and the system has cleverly designed side supports that can be tensioned against walls for absolute stability.

The lift motor’s charger can be mounted on one of the uprights or on the wall near the lift.
A complete system consists of two upright supports, a rail and an overhead lift motor with rail carrier, hand control and charger. Rails are available in several lengths ranging from 2 to 3.2 m (80-128 in).

FreeSpan Straight Rail Mobile or Stationary

Hoist and Lifts

FreeSpan is a flexible solution for most overhead lift situations. The lift system is freestanding, and since it is not affixed to the walls or the ceiling, there are no special strength requirements for those structures.
FreeSpan is available as Straight Rail and as Traverse (H system). Choose between Multirall or Likorall lift motors. FreeSpan is made of aluminium, and many different rail lengths are available.
FreeSpan Straight Rail is assembled without tools. The lift system can be easily moved between rooms. FreeSpan Straight Rail is equipped with wheels, which facilitate positioning and make it easier to clean the room.
FreeSpan Traverse is a free-standing traverse system which makes it possible to lift the patient between several different lifting places. The lift motor can be easily moved in all directions over a large area
We are the southwest’s approved contractor for Hill-Rom and therefore we can supply and fit their full range of hoist.